PulseMI for

Subject Recruitment

Creating an engaging webinar experience.

In order to successfully connect patients to investigators and trials, a lot of pieces need to work together.

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Social Media


Patient Education



We've got you covered.

Zealic invested in constructing PulseMI, a solution designed specifically to create patient awareness, inform patients through webinars and engaging, educational content.

PulseMI uses advances analytics to monitor the level of engagement every step of the way, helping predict subject enrollment while fine-tuning the patients' engagement experience in order to optimize their interesting engagement.

In-person and virtual webinars are a valuable tool in subject recruitment, when done right.

The challenge is that it's critical that you get all three elements right simultaneously.


Find and focus on the right audience, sparking an interest that resonates.


Create interest that intrigues patients to put "butts in seats"


Inform, educate and engage throughout the entire patient journey

Subject recruitment continues to be the biggest challenge for any clinical trial.

Take the next step towards healthier digital marketing.

PulseMI does more than just host webinars.

It's a centralized solution that helps you orchestrate the engagement from the start, continue to communicate with the patient along the way, easily schedule the event, and keep your patients' interest after the event is over - all in one system.

Plus, it provides advanced analytics to monitor along the way, confirming people are truly engaged, remain interested and will actually attend the event when it's scheduled to occur. No other platform is designed to accomplish all this and is specifically designed for healthcare and subject recruitment.